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Avoca Borough Box Alarms


The Luzerne County 911 Center allows us to have pre-defined response guidelines on file in their Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). These guidelines specify the departments and units that should be dispatched to various types of incidents.

Since different incidents require different response levels, these guides allow the 911 center to send the appropriate type and amount of resources to the incident. For example, the response to a structure fire requires more resources than a response to a motor vehicle accident with no injuries and only fluids down on the ground.

Additionally, the CAD system can replace a unit automatically if that unit is out of service or unavailable due to a prior response. This ensures an adequate response to all incidents. The Replacement column below will demonstrate how units should be replaced. Below are some of the main guidelines on file at the 911 Center.

                                          All box alarms were updated on April 12,2013

Structure Fires/ Fire Alarms

Accidents with Injuries / Entrapment

Accidents - No Injuries - Fluids Down

Vehicle Fires

Carbon Monoxide Responses

Brush Fires / Open Burn Complaints / Misc. Investigations

Technical Rescues

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