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Our Firefighting Arsenal 


Meet the Trucks.

Engine 112


Engine 112 is a 2018 E-One Typhoon with seating for 8 firefighters.

The Engine is capable of pumping 1500 gallons per minute and has 750 gallons of onboard water. It also has a 30 gallon foam tank and carries an additional 45 gallons of foam in 5 gallon pails. The foam system supplies the front bumper line, and we have the option of using a portable eductor at the pump panel.

The vehicle also has air conditioning and a back up camera. It's scene lighting is also an improvement over the previous 2003 Crimson pumper.

Heavy Rescue 112

Rescue 112 is a 2006 Crimson, built on a Spartan Diamond Chassis with seating for ten firefighters. The truck itself is equipped with a 45KW PTO Generator, 9000 watt Wilburt Light Tower, 9000lb portable winch system and 2 - 6,000PSI air cylinders that feeds both high and low pressure air reels. 

Some of the additional specialized equipment carried on Rescue 112 includes Trench Panels and associated shoring materials, tripods and hauling systems, torches, concrete cutting chainsaw, full complement HURST "Jaws of Life" Rescue System, and the AirShore Rescue Strut system.

The Rescue responds to many different incident types across three counties; Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming. The Rescue is a proud member of the Technical Rescue Team of Luzerne County.

Command 112

command 112.jpg

2017 Interceptor AWD command vehicle.

Command 112 as its known, allows the Chief Officer to arrive early at an incident, provide a size up to incoming units, and initialize the department's Incident Command System.

The Command Car is set up with a full command post in the rear of the vehicle.  The command post includes an accountability board which is used to track the location of firefighters during an emergency incident. The Command Car also carries the department's pre-plans for emergencies at specific locations throughout our community, as well as any MSDS sheets that we may have on file.The Command Car is also equipped with a Knox Key Entry System.

Our Previous Apparatus 

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