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Early Morning House Fire

October 02, 2020

Early morning response sent the Rescue & Chiefs into Duryea for a working fire. Upon arrival, R112 was tasked with opening the roof while the balance of the companies supported suppression efforts.

The fire would go to a 2nd alarm before being deemed under control by Command.

Great job by all responding companies. No injuries were reported.

(Photo cred to Rich Szumski)

Tractor Trailer Rollover

October 01, 2020

Rescue & car responded to the I476 South off ramp where a tractor trailer rolled over. Rescue handled patient confinement, assisting EMS with patient removal. R112, Dupont Engine, Avoca EMS, Pittston Medic 29 and PSP all responded.

Tanker Rollover in Roundabouts

September 25, 2020

The Engine, Rescue, and Car along with mutual aid companies responded up to the West Airport Roundabout for a Gasoline tanker Rollover. A hot zone was established along with a 2300' water supply line (special shoutout to 126, 125, 98 engines for dropping the line), As the situation progressed, the contents were transferred to a new storage tanker and a foam blanket had to be applied for vapor suppression. The situation was remedied and the hose was picked up and all units returned available with no injuries reported. Units operated for approximately 6 hours. 

Units on the Box:

112 Engine, Rescue, Car, FP

166 Engine, Rescue, Car, Foam, Brush

126 Engine 1 & 2 

226 Ladder

148 Engine, Squad

125 Engine

98 Engine, Rescue

512, 566, 543, M29


Thanks to everyone who assisted in the incident!

Airplane Crash

September 20, 2020

Shortly before 9:00 pm the 112 Engine and Chief were dispatched to assist Station 98 with a reported single engine plane crash on Stone St in Moosic. Initial arriving units found a single engine plane crashed in the front yard of a home with multiple injuries. The 112 engine company would assist by laying a line into 98 engine for a water supply and assisted with a foam line while crews shut down the emergency tracker Beacon and shut down the fuel.

2nd Alarm Old Forge Fire

August 17, 2020

Shortly after 10 am, Engine and Chief 112 were dispatched to assist Station 93 (Old Forge) on a working structure fire on Morton St. 1st arriving chiefs on scene reported a working structure fire with heavy fire on the 1st floor of the structure. A 2nd alarm was then struck for more manpower. Engine 112 was 2nd arriving engine on scene and assisted Engine 93-3 with pumping their hydrant. The E-112 crew was tasked with making entry into the basement to check for extension. Upon forcing entry, the E-112 crew encountered heavy fire and smoke. A 2nd line was stretched to the basement to assist with extinguishing the fire. Engine and Truck 93 crews had the first line in the front door of the building. Great job by all units on scene from start to finish.

Lackawanna Ave Duryea Fire

July 02, 2020

Shortly before 11pm, 112 Rescue and Car were dispatched into Duryea for a working residential structure fire. Upon arrival, 112 crews were tasked with opening the roof at the rear of the building, where the bulk of the fire was located. First due companies made a quick knock on the fire, limiting interior damage to the home.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Moosic Trailer Fire

June 27, 2020

Shortly before 6 pm Engine, Rescue, and Chief 112 responded into Moosic to assist on a working structure fire. Engine 112 would do a reverse lay from Engine 98 to the hydrant on 5th St to provide a supplemental water supply. 112 would split crews and assist with outside vent and roof operations during the incident. The fire would be controlled after approximately 30 min. Crews would remain on scene for nearly an hour and a half before going back into service. Picture courtesy of Greenwood Fire Dept. 

Center St Taylor Fire

February 22, 2020

Shortly before midnight, Rescue and Chief 112 were dispatched on a 2nd alarm assignment into Taylor on a working structure fire. Upon arrival the rescue crew was tasked with taking over a hose line in the rear of the structure. As the fire got knocked down, the rescue crew transitioned from the rear of the building and went to the roof to start opening up the roof line which was hiding fire. Capt Mike Lampman, Lt. Chris Collins, FF Collin Halagarda and 2 members from Chinchilla Fire Dept started by opening up the D side of the building along the roof line and knocked down the bulk of the remaining fire. Lampman, Collins, and Halagarda were then replaced by Lt Jason Bartoli, FF Joe Bender, and FF Tyler Wilson to finish the job before being released. Good job by everyone out on the call tonight.

Pictures courtesy of Lackawanna County FireWire

That's A Wrap For 2019!

January 01, 2020



Mobilehome Fire

November 02, 2019

Shortly after 7:30 pm, the 112 Engine and Chief were dispatched  into Moosic to assist on a kitchen fire on 1st St. Engine and Rescue 98 were first arriving to find a working fire in the A and D sides of the structure. While 98 went to work to extinguish the fire and start a primary search, the 112 crew would be put to work as the outside vent team. Crews made quick work of the fire. No injuries were reported, however several pets did not make it. 

Construction Trailer Fire

October 01, 2019

Just before midnight, crews responded to the Interstate for a vehicle fire. 911 provided additional information that multiple calls were received, and that a construction trailer was on fire with two large propane tanks on board. Engine 112 arrived to find a working fire and confirmed that the propane tanks were empty (never used). Crews from 112 and the Duryea Depts had the fire knocked down within 10 minutes.​ 

Crews Work Foote Ave Basement Fire

September 22, 2019

Engine, Chief and Fire Police 112 responded to a reported residential structure fire on Foote. Ave at around 3:45 in the afternoon. While en route, the first due Engine reported smoke showing and a possible fire in the basement. Upon arrival, the 112 crew was tasked with conducting a primary search of the basement. All searches turned up negative so they switched over to assisting crews with managing the second handline down in the basement area to finish mopping up hot spots of the fire. 112 then helped complete overhaul in the basement . Crews operated for more than 2 hours before returning to service. 

(Photo cred: Excelsior FD)

112 Takes in Montage Mtn. Grease Fire

September 03, 2019

Engine, Rescue, and Chief 112 assisted station 98 on a commercial structure fire late last night on Montage Mountain. E-112 laid in upon arrival and was tasked to go to the roof to check the roof vent units while the 98 engine crew went inside to check the duct work and cooking area.

The E-112 crew found a small fire in the grease vent on the roof that was quickly extinguished and overhauled. The E-98 crew encountered a small fire in the duct work in the same area inside. Quick work between all departments on scene stopped a potential major fire.

Tractor Trailer Fire

August 20, 2019

​Just a few minutes before 10pm, Engine 112 along w Duryea Engine & Ladder were sent to I81 South for a reported tractor trailer fire near Exit 178 (Avoca).
As crews were rolling out of the station, the incident was confirmed to be in Moosic, near the 180 Exit.
The engine, rescue & chief continued into the scene as an assist to the fellas at Greenwood Fire Dept.
Great teamwork by all mutual aid companies made for a quick knock down of the several well involved vehicles. Photo from WNEP-TV

Early Morning City Job

August 04, 2019

The Rescue and Chief were back at it again. This time at a residential structure fire on Washington Terrace in Pittston City. The fire quickly went 2 alarms while being extinguished. Once the fire was knocked down, units completed overhaul before returning

McAlpine St Basement Fire

July 31, 2019

A first alarm box was transmitted to the 100 block of McAlpine St in Duryea. The initial dispatch reported smoke from a single story home with possible entrapment. As units were arriving, 112 was assigned to do a primary search of the first division. While the search was underway, it was advised that the homeowner was safe and all searches turned up negative. After the bulk of the fire was knocked down in the basement, 112 was then tasked with overhaul. Units were released after 2 hours.

(Photo Credit 143 Fire)

Assist to Pittston City

July 09, 2019

Shortly before 1am, the Rescue & Chief responded into Pittston for a residential fire. Upon arrival, the Rescue was tasked with laddering/ventilation along with controlling utilities to support ongoing suppression/search operations being conducted by the Pittston & Jenkins Twp Fds.
Crews operated for more than two hours before being released by command. 
An exceptional job done by all first responders.
We send our thoughts & prayers to the family affected by this morning's fire.

Daytime fire in Pittston Twp.

July 02, 2019

Shortly before noon, the Rescue & Chief responded as part of a first alarm assignment to Suscon Rd in Pittston Twp for a working structure fire.
The fire quickly grew to 2 alarms, with one burn victim rescued by first due companies. Main body of fire knocked down within 20 minutes.
Great job by all responding companies.
(photo cred to Duryea Ladder)

Truck Burns on Pa Turnpike

July 01, 2019

Engine 112 assisted Station 95 (Taylor) with a well involved tractor trailer fire on I476 North. Enigne 112 provided its tank water while the crew assisted in suppression / overhaul operations.

Garage Burns in West Pittston

June 01, 2019

The guys and gals dumped house today sending the Rescue, Engine and Car to West Pittston for a reported house fire. Upon initial arrival of units, they found a fully involved garage to the rear of the dispatched address with possible extension into the home. Crews from R112 assisted 184 and 128 crews with extensive overhaul of the garage and adjacent homes.
Crews operated for approx. 1.5 hours with no injuries reported. Crews on scene: L184, Chief 184, E128, SQ128, R112, E112 and Car 112 along with CHEMS Medic 38. 
Photo cred goes to M38 crew and WPFD.

Truck Fire

April 26, 2019

Rescue & Chief hit the streets early this morning as part of a first alarm assignment for a reported commercial structure fire on Highway 315 in Pittston Twp. While responding, Pittston Twp Asst Chief arrived reporting smoke in the area, requesting all units stage at the Super 8 motel parking lot.
The fire would be located on Pa Turnpike property, where a construction vehicle was burning. Crews accessed the property and made quick work in extinguishing the fire. The vehicle's cab was destroyed, but the fire didn't extend into the rear cargo area.

High Pressure Gas Line Struck

April 18, 2019

​Shortly after 10:30am, the Engine responded to Moosic for a 8" high pressure gas line that was struck by a contractors. Chief 98 was on scene requesting multiple buildings be evacuated along with a nearby daycare.
Engine arrived with Chief 93A, who had the engine secure the hydrant at Main & Spruce Sts before deploying a 3" setback line to supply two handlines that would be use for protection purposes as UGI personnel attempted to gain control of the leak.
Crews operated for approximately 6 hours before declaring the incident under control. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the course of operations.

2 Fires Quickly Extinguished

March 24, 2019

Members got an early start this morning, heading to Elizabeth St in Pittston City just after 6:30am. Pittston & Jenkins FDs found a well involved shed fire, which was quickly knocked down. As overhaul was underway, City Fire Command was advised of a 2nd fire on N Main St in the City.
Engine 148 (Jenkins), Ladder 166 (Pittston Twp) and Rescue 112 were quickly re-assigned to the 2nd incident along with available City firefighters. Pittston Twp Chief B was first arriving, confirming a working fire.
Crews operated at the 2nd fire for just more than an hour before being cleared by City Command.
Great job by all responding agencies!

Flames Destroy Pittston Home

March 08, 2019

The Rescue was dispatched at 2:21am as part of a first alarm assignment for a reported structure fire on Market St, Pittston City. As crews were marking enroute, 911 updated the address to be on John St. in the city, with PD confirming the working fire.

Upon arrival, the Rescue crew assumed the RIT assignment while companies operated in a defensive manner. A 2nd alarm was transmitted once initial operations were established. Responders dealt with temperatures that hovered around 13 degrees with a real feel temp in the single digits.

Duryea Accident

February 22, 2019

The Rescue responded to assist Duryea FD with an accident with reported entrapment on Main St, in the 5th ward section of the borough. As crews were responding, police on scene requested EMS to expedite their response.

Upon arrival, the Rescue co made patient contact, initiating care, while stabilizing the vehicle. Crews then used hydraulic tools to force open the driver's door, creating an extrication pathway. Patient care was transfered to EMS.

Fire Destroys Landmark Restaurant

January 18, 2019

Just after 8AM, the Engine Co was requested to assist the Greenwood Fire Dept and first alarm companies with a reported commercial structure fire at Nana's Pasta House.
As crews were assembling, reports from PD and EMS on scene indicated a working fire with a large volume of smoke pushing from the building. Chief 98 immediately added add't companies to the response.
The photo above shows what crews were up against upon arrival. The fire was already well extended throughout the building, requiring companies to initiate a defensive attack using multiple master streams and ladder pipes.
In all, the fire would go 3 alarms and completely destroy this landmark. Our volunteers from start to finish put in more than 6 hours of work today. And we're happy to report that no injuries were reported during the operation.

Fire Hits Assisted Living Facility

January 16, 2019

Just after 8pm, crews responded to an assisted living facility on Gleason Dr in Moosic for an activated fire alarm.
Chief 98 arrived and was immediately met by a staff member reporting a fire in the laundry room. A quick glance inside the front door provided an already smoke charge foyer and main hallway. A second alarm was immediately transmitted. 
Through the outstanding efforts of the Oakwood Staff, first alarms companies, Moosic PD and Pennsylvania Ambulance medics and EMT's we were able to evacuate 15 of the residents that resided closest to the fire area while we sheltered in place in a safe area the other 30 residents.
The fire was confined to the commercial dryer and laundry room and was held in check by the sprinkler system. Crews stretched a line and finished up the balance of the fire in short order. The majority of the facility other than the areas where we sheltered in place were charged with a considerable smoke condition. The LSV fan was utilized to clear the smoke condition. Once the smoke condition was cleared and the sprinkler system reactivated we transferred the 15 displaced residents back into the facility. Outstanding work by all staff members and departments that responded. There was minimal damage to the facility and no injuries.
Info from the Greenwood FD Facebook page

Rescue Assists with Pittston Twp Fire

January 10, 2019

Shortly before 4pm, the Rescue & Chief respnoded to assist Pittston Twp with a working residential fire on Tedrick St. Initial reports indicated there were possibly people trapped, but those reports proved to be unfounded.

Crews contained the fire to a 2nd floor bedroom with moderate extension into the attic space.

Commercial Fire - Duryea

January 05, 2019

Station 112 sent a few response into Duryea Boro for a well involved commercial fire, located just off Foote Ave. EMS 512 was first in the area, reporting a fully involved fire. Due to the size of the building, engine companies utilzied multiple hydrants to supply the operation, while two ladder pipes were put into service.

112 crews operated for more than 3 hours before returning to service. One firefighter received a minor injury during the course of operations.

That's A Wrap For 2018!

January 01, 2019



Multiple Vehicles Burn

December 30, 2018

Just before 11am, the Engine responded to assist Duryea FD with multiple vehicles burning at an auto facility on McAlpine St,.
Engine 112 crews stretched a second attack line, while E112 shuttled water to supply Engine 126 (Germania).

Attic Fire in Moosic

October 13, 2018

For the third straight day, your volunteers were back in action.
Engine, Rescue and Chief 112 all responded to a working structure fire on Birney Ave in Moosic late Saturday night. The incident, which was next door to the station 98, was an attic fire in a 2 1/2 story wood frame structure. Engine 98 established a water supply and advanced a 2" line to division 3 while the backup line came up over a ladder with the Engine 93-3 crew. Ladder 226 and Engine 112 opened up both the roof and ceiling spaces to expose the hidden fire. 
A second alarm was transmitted however crews were able to cut off the spread of the fire in the attic space and that alarm was down graded and returned.

Assist to Duryea FD

October 12, 2018

For the second day in a row, local companies gathered together to battle a residential fire. This time, the firefight occurred in Duryea, where crews encountered a fire burning in the rear of the home, in the area of the attic space. Quick work by responding companies had the fire knocked within 15 minutes with overhaul continuing for a while longer. In all, crews operated for just over an hour before returning to service.

Fire Hits Avoca Home

October 11, 2018

Shortly after 2pm, a first alarm box was transmitted for a working fire in the 1000 block of Russell St in the borough. As members were gathering, smoke was already visible from several blocks away.

Upon arrival, crews encountered a small two story home with smoke coming from the roof. As crews made entry, they encountered smoke and heat throughout, with a fire burning in the homes living room. The fire was extinguished within minutes of arrival and all searches of the home turned up negative. Most responding companies were returned back to service in about an hour.

The fire is currently under investigation by the PSP Fire Marshal's office and Avoca Police Department.

Thanks to all our mutual aid partners for the outstanding work and quick response.

Fire Hits Duryea Home

September 19, 2018

Crews responded into Duryea last night for a residential fire on Main St.
Upon arrival, crews encountered smoke throughout the structure with fire located in the rear of the home, extending from the first floor up through the second floor.
With the Duryea Ladder handling primary searches, the Rescue Co assisted their outside team with laddering and ventilation.
Great job by all responding companies to contain the fire damage to the rear area of the home.
(photos stolen from Duryea Ladder's page)

Rollover with Confinement

September 15, 2018

The Rescue, Engine & Chief all headed up to Moosic to assit with a vehicle rollover on I81 South with one patient confined in the vehicle. First due units arrived to find a vehicle on its side, with one occupant still inside.

Upon arrival, the Rescue Co was tasked with firming up stabilization before assisting with rolling the roof. Engine 112 manned the CAFS handline until extrication was complete.

House Leveled by Explosion

August 30, 2018

A few minutes after 8pm, Rescue 112 was dispatched into Taylor Borough to assist with a house explosion with an active gas leak. First due units reported a house leveled with possible entrapment. Command upgraded to a 2nd alarm and requested utilities expedite to the scene. An evacuation of all homes within 3 blocks was then intiated. Just after the 2nd alarm was transmitted, R112 was special requested to fulfill the R.I.T. assignment.

The Rescue arrived to find a fire burning within the home along with an active natrual gas leak. A debris field could be scene on Union St with a large rubble pile where the home once stood. About 30 minutes into the incident crews reported making contact with an individual who was believed to be in the basement area of the home.

After making contact, it took some time for UGI to control the flow of gas and allow crews to begin ventilating the void spaces with confined space fans. As continous air monitoring took place, a team assembled from Taylor FD & Chinchilla Rescue to make entry into the basement. The patient would quickly be triaged and packaged before being extricated and care transferred to EMS. The patient was critically injured and Lifeflighted to a burn center.

Truck Accident w/ Fire

June 15, 2018

The Chief, Rescue & Engine assisted Station 98 with a tractor trailer rolled over with fire. Initially reported that occupants were trapped, but R112 crews located two victims a short distance from the wreckage upon arrival.
Incident occurred on I81 South, near the Rocky Glen Rd overpass.
Crews from Moosic, Old Forge, Avoca along with tankers from Springbrook, Elmhurst and Daleville handled suppression duties.

Tech Rescue Response

June 13, 2018

Shortly before 11 pm, the Luzerne County Technical Rescue Team was dispatched to assist Wilkes Barre Twp Fire Dept with the aftermath of a tornado. Upon dispatch, units were advised of multiple commercial building collapses around the Arena Hub Plaza area with possible victims still inside.

Upon arrival the 112 Rescue Company staged in the Lowes parking lot until all units and teams were assembled. Chief 112 responded to assist with command of the incident.

Avoca and Mountain Top Rescue crews were tasked with doing a secondary search of Barnes & Noble along with other buildings attached in the strip mall. No victims were found in building.

After completing that assignment, the crews were then moved to another area and tasked with a secondary search of the Panera Bread complex. Crews battled flooded buildings, fully activated sprinkler systems, floor and wall collapses, gas leaks, down power lines, and other hazards as they searched the strip mall. Luckily there were no victims inside these buildings either.

While there was much damage to buildings, the scene could have been worse if the tornado hit only a little earlier as people would have still been shopping. We are thankful that only six minor injuries were reported. 

Rescue 112 operated for nearly 4 hours before returning to service. Great job by all responding agencies.

Quick Knock on City Fire

May 22, 2018

Mid afternoon, the Rescue & Chief responded into Pittston City for a working fire on S Main St.
Upon arrival, the Rescue Co established the RIT team, verifying utilities were controlled and placing several ladders before hooking up with the West Pittston Ladder to stand by.
A great knock by the City of Pittston Bureau of Fire and Jenkins Twp FD limited fire damage to the front portion of the building.
112 units returned to service in about an hour before taking in two motor vehicle accidents.

Rescue Assists on Pin during Storm

May 15, 2018

As strong storms were beginning to pound the area, the Rescue was sent into Moosic for a vehicle rolled over down a hill with an occupant still inside.
Chief 98 was first arriving, reporting one vehicle approximately 25' down an embankment on its roof with the driver confined. He instructed R112 to nose into the scene so we can tie lines off the front bumper.
Working closely with members from Station 98, a rope line was placed in service, patient access was gained and the vehicle quickly stabilized by using chains to secure it to a nearby tree.
Rescue 95 was added to the response, and after crews used hydraulic tools to hyper-extend the door, the patient was extricated, placed in a stokes basket and hauled up the hill to awaiting EMS personnel. In all, crews completed the extrication in 20 mins while working in heavy rains, free flowing runoff, thunder and lightening. Great job by all!

Rescue Runs MVA w Multiple Pins

May 01, 2018

Shortly before 3:30 this afternoon, the Rescue Co along with Dupont Volunteer Fire Department and Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance were dispatched to mile marker 106 South on the Pa Turnpike for a vehicle rollover with multiple injuries and entrapment.
As units began to mark enroute, 911 advised the vehicle to be on its roof, impaled on a guard rail post. 4-5 occupants were reported to be in the vehicle. Upon receiving that add't information, Kingston Rescue 3 was added to the incident by request of Rescue 112.
Once on location, crews began the task of stabilization and initiating extrication. The 112 crews quickly built a small platform on the driver's side, so that doors could start to be opened/removed.
Upon their arrival, Kingston worked the font passenger door along w removing components of the guiderail and cables to create a pathway.
in all, three patients were extricated in 28 minutes from time of the Rescue's arrival on scene.
Sadly, the incident claimed the lives of two passengers. We extend our deepest sympathies to their families.
And we also need to thank all responding agencies. There was tremendous teamwork and professionalism displayed during a very difficult response.

MVA with Confinement

April 26, 2018

Just before 7am, the Rescue hit the streets to assist the Duryea departments with a motor vehicle accident with reported entrapment. Shortly after dispatch, Captain 126 arrived reporting a vehicle through a utility pole and resting on railroad tracks with one occupant confined. Upon arrival, the Rescue company completed stabilization before removing the drivers door and transferring care to EMS.

Pittston Fire Goes 2 Alarms

March 04, 2018

Crews responded to Panama St., Pittsotn City for a working residential fire. The Chief, Rescue, Fire Police and 512 EMS operated for nearly 3 hours before units were placed back in service. Fire went 2 alarms before being brought under control. No injuries were reported.
(Photo credit to Gary Halagarda)

Bread Truck Rolls Over on 81

February 16, 2018

Shortly before 5:30am, units were dispatched to I81 South for a reported tractor trailer rollover. As units marked enroute, 911 advised that an off duty officer was on location, reporting the driver still in the vehicle. EMS 512 was first arriving, reporting that the driver was now self-extricated.

The Rescue arrived, findng a large debris field and an active leak of gasoline. Along with EMS 512 and the Rescue, Engine 112 and Chief 112 all responded. Crews operated for nearly 90 minutes before being released by PSP.

Mid afternoon fire in Old Forge

February 11, 2018

The Engine, Rescue along with the Chief assisted Old Forge FD with a residential fire on Phillips St. in the Borough. While enroute, crews were advised that the homeownwer reported an explosion and smoke. 911 advised that PD were arriving with smoke showing from the exterior. First due companies found a working basement fire.
Engine 112 was tasked with getting attack #2 in service on the first floor, while the Rescue company opened up the attached garage and control the gas service to the home. Shortly after clearing the fire scene, 112 crews headed back into Old Forge to assist with a natural gas leak.

Ice Jam Floods Homes/Business

January 23, 2018

​Shortly after 7am, the department responded to an investigation of an ice jam with flooding in the 600 block of York Ave. Upon arrival, it was obvious that Mill Creek was locked up with ice, and that water had come out of its banks. At the time, Litzy's Lounge was the only building impacted, with approximately 2ft of water in their basement. Avoca PD & Street Dept were on scene and already requested contractor to come and break up the ice. 112 units returned to service. 

At 9am, the department was asked to respond back to the area, as flooding was rapidly worsening and homes in the area needed to have residents evacuated. With the assistance of Ambulance 512, one occupant was transported to a family members home in a nearby community. All utilities to the affected homes were shut down by the utility companies as the water was rapidly rising. Borough officials then brought Latona Trucking with their heavy equipment to take over hanlding the jam. 

Just before 2pm, contractors broke up the jam and get water moving freely. Unfortunately, that movement didn't last long, as the ice jammed up again a short way downstream, causing the water to reverse its flow. The movement of water did cause some receding, allowing crews to begin entering homes and start the pumping process. Working alongside Avoca Stree dept, crews worked until 7:30pm removing water from the affected properties before heading back to the station to begin cleanup.

While we'd like to thank everyone individually, there are just too many to mention. We sincerely appreciate all the efforts from everyone to alleviate the problem, providing some relief to those affected.

Additional photos and videos can be viewed by visiting our Facebook page

That's A Wrap For 2017!

January 01, 2018


William St House Fire

November 22, 2017

A late afternoon fire damaged a William St home in the Borough. Chief 112 was first arriving, finding smoke showing from the first floor.

First alarm companies made quick work knocking down the fire, before starting extensive overhaul.

Special shout out to the neighbor who assisted the resident from the home prior to FD arrival.

Assisting on the response were companies from Duryea, Pittston Twp, West Pittston, Greenwood & Old Forge. Avoca EMS, Pittston Twp EMS and Hughestown EMS also responded.

MVA with Pin

October 28, 2017

Just before 2pm, crews were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident in the 100 block of Main St, repoarted to be a car into a house. Avoca EMS was first arrving, and reported a vehicle rolled onto its side with one occupant trapped and unresponsive.

Rescue 112 arrived next and went to work stabilizing the vehicle and gaining access. Dupont engine stretched a foam line upon their arrival, as crews found that the vehicle was actively leaking gas. As crews went to work with stabilization, Command requested Rescue 98 (Greenwood) to the scene.

With limited space to work, crews gained access, cut portions of the seat and cleared an extrication pathway. The occupant was extricated in 19 minutes and care transferred to EMS.
Great work by all. We'd like to thank Dupont FD, Greenwood FD, Hughestown Fire Police, Avoca EMS and Greater Pittston EMS for their assistance.

Accident w Fire

September 15, 2017

The Rescue & Chief responded to Route 315 in the borough, just below the Petro Truck stop for a reported head on collision with injury.

Crews arrived to find all occupants self extricated with minor injuries and a small fire burning in one of the involved vehicles. Dupont Engine 125 stretched a line and with assistance from the Rescue Co, the fire would be quickly extinguished.

Vehicle Rollover w Fire

July 31, 2017

Rescue responded to I81 Northbound for a vehicle rollover with reported injuries. As the Rescue marked as enroute, 911 advised of the possibility of fire.
FP Capt Halagarda was first to arrive, reporting a single occupant out of the vehicle and a working engine compartment fire. Rescue 112 arrived along w Dupont Engine 125. The 112 crews split, with members assisting in extinguishing the fire while the officer checked on the patient's condition. 
We'd like to thank the bystanders who assisted in removing the patient from the burning vehicle, along with the trauma nurse who stopped and initiated care until the arrival of EMS. We apologize we didn't get your names, but we can't thank you enough for your assistance.

Truck Fire on the Interstate

July 25, 2017

A truck fire on I81 this morning had members feeling nostalgic. After using dry chemical extinguishers to put out the burning brakes, members then had to turn to using an old fashioned navy nozzle with applicator pipe to extinguish the fire burning on the on the inside of the tire, which had partially come off the rim. 
Definitely not a run of the mill response.

Truck Fires Cause a Scare

July 21, 2017

Two burning vehicles at a propane business caused quite a scare Friday morning. Initially dispatched as a commercial structure fire with explosuon, crews arrived to find two 3500 gallon propane vehicles burning. No structural fire occurred. With propane venting from both vehicles, crews applied unmanned monitors on both vehicles to keep the tanks cool while gas burned off.

Two of the shop employees recieved injuries and were transported by EMS. No injuries occurred to emergency service personnel.

Quick Knock on Dupont Fire

June 28, 2017

Just before 10am, crews were alerted to a working residential fire on Main St, Dupont.
Upon arrival, crews found an exterior fire on the B side of the home, extending into the attic space. R112 arrived , along with Engine 125 (Dupont), and gained entry into the building. The rescue crew completed a quick primary search before starting to open the ceiling space, where heavy fire was traveling. The 112/125 attack crew were able to extinguish most of the attic fire.
The balance of first alarm conpanies handled extinguishing the exterior fire, roof operations and overhaul.
(Photo cred to Avoca EMS duty crew)

Basement Fire in Old Forge

June 13, 2017

Early this morning, the Engine & Chief responded into Old Forge for the working basement fire in a two & half story, wood frame funeral home.
With the Old Forge companies making a solid hit on the basement fire and limiting extension, the 112 crew setup a ventilation fan before proceeding to Division 1 to complete some overhaul.
Crews returned to service in just over an hour.

Rescue Assists R98 with Pin

May 16, 2017

The Rescue, Chief & Fire Police all responded to assist Greenwood Rescue with a late afternoon accident on Birney Ave. The head on collision involving a passenger car and tractor trailer left one occupant heavily pinned.

Upon arrival, the rescue was tasked with removing the roof while Rescue 98 removed the driver's door and prepared to lift the dashboard. Engines 98 & 933 handled suppression duties throughout the extrication.

112 Fire Police assisted with traffic, as Birney Ave was closed for nearly two hours for the rush hour commute.

Apartment Building Fire in Moosic

April 19, 2017

 Just after midnight, the Engine, Rescue & Chief all responded to Cedar Ave in Moosic for a residential structure fire. First in companies arrived to find fire showing from the rear of a three story, multi unit apartment building.

Upon arrival, Engine 112 positioned so that it could support the hydrant connection for the 93 Engine. The engine crew was held in staging for a few moments before replacing the Engine 98 crew on the initial attack line.

Crews operated for two hours before being released by Command.

Late Night Fire in Duryea

April 15, 2017

We cleared the house late Saturday night, responding into Duryea for a residential structure fire. Duryea Chief Hughes was first arriving, reporting a working fire in the rear of a two & half story, two family residence.

Upon arrival, the Rescue & Engine crews split, each assisting with ladder placement and searching for extension on both sides of the home. The main body of fire was quickly doused, with overhaul continuing for more than an hour.

Hanover Twp Commercial fire

April 14, 2017

The Rescue & Chief responded on a special request to E Liberty St in Hanover Twp Friday nigth as crews battled a commercial structure fire.

Upon arrival, the 112 members met with Kingston R3 to establish the 2nd RIT team for the incident. Crews operated for more than an hour before returning to service.

Rescue on Plains Fire

March 23, 2017

The Rescue & Chief responded on a special request to assist Plains FD with a working fire on N Main St. First due companies were met with heavy fire conditions in a two story, two family home.

Upon arrival, Rescue 112 established 2nd due RIT, completed size ups, and placed additional ladders while crews began to attack fire in the attack.

Old Forge Multi Alarm Job

February 21, 2017

After returning from a house fire in Duryea, the Engine & Chief then responded into Old Forge to assist with a working structure fire on Sussex St. Engine 112 supported the primary water supply, while the crew went to work on the interior. The fire extended beyond a 3rd alarms before being declared under control. In all, crews operated for nearly 4 hours before being released by command.

Duryea Structure Fire

February 21, 2017

​Shortly after 5am, first alarm companies were dispatched to Dickson St, Duryea for a working structure fire. Rescue & Chief 112 responded. Upon arrival, the Rescue assisted with placing ladders before relieving Engine 126 on division 2. 112 crews worked the handline on division 2 on two occassions, assisting in suppression efforts.

High Angle Rope Operation

January 23, 2017

​The Rescue & Chief, along with several other mutual aid departments, were sent to Coxton Rd in Duryea to assist with a high angle rope operation atop Campbell's Ledge. Crews traveled tough terrain with brush trucks and UTVs to get all necessary equipment to the staging area. Once everyone and everything was staged, crews developed an action plan and made crew assignments.

As daylight was beginning to fade, 112 members were sent over the vertical drop, which was thought to be 160 ft to the target location. Crews were successful in recovering a package for police, who believed the item important to an ongoing investigation. The operation was successful and no injuries occurred.

Great teamwork throughout the entire operation by all. Companies operating: Duryea, Avoca, Greenwood, Old Forge and Kingston.

MVA w/ Entrapment

January 23, 2017

Rescue 112 traveled out to the far side of Wyoming County this morning to assist Meshoppen FD with a commercial structure fire in a 1.6 million sq foot warehouse. Initial crews arrived to find a working fire in the middle of the facility, which stored large quantities of paper products.

Rescue 112 along with other outlying rescue companies were called in to augment Large Area search capabilities and provide additional RIT teams to the incident. The 112 crews stayed on scene for close to two hours before returning to service.

Rescue due on Wyoming County Commercial Fire

January 17, 2017

Rescue 112 traveled out to the far side of Wyoming County this morning to assist Meshoppen FD with a commercial structure fire in a 1.6 million sq foot warehouse. Initial crews arrived to find a working fire in the middle of the facility, which stored large quantities of paper products.

Rescue 112 along with other outlying rescue companies were called in to augment Large Area search capabilities and provide additional RIT teams to the incident. The 112 crews stayed on scene for close to two hours before returning to service.

Fire in First Due

January 07, 2017

The 112 units cleared the house along with the rest of the 1st alarm companies for a reported structure fire with smoke showing at a multi occupancy building on Main St in Avoca.

Upon arrival, the 112 engine crew entered the 1st floor of the building encountering a smoke condition. 2 members went to the basement to search for a cause while the other members placed a 1 3/4 in handline in service. The engine crew found a dryer fire in the apartment building on the 1st floor. The dryer was removed from the building and extinguished. There was no extension in the walls. The building had to be ventilated before units would clear. Units remained on scene for approx 45 min before being released.  

Old Forge fire displaces more than a dozen

January 05, 2017

Just after 2am, Engine 112 was dispatched as part of the first alarm to Oak St in Old Forge for a reported structure fire.

The fire was quickly confirmed by PD, who also indicated occupants were entrapped in the building. A second alarm was quickly struck by command.

Upon arrival, Old Forge companies were met with heavy fire conditions on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a multiple unit apartment building. Engine 112 arrived as 3rd due engine, setting up to support the primary water supply, while the remainder of the crew were assigned master streams as the operation quickly went defensive.

Several occupants were transported to area hospitals. Our thoughts are with those who were impacted by the fire.  

Quick Knock on Dupont Fire

December 18, 2016

Shortly before 5 am, Rescue and Chief 112 were dispatched to assist station 125 (Dupont) and the rest of the 1st alarm companies on a reported structure fire on Liberty St. Initial reports from the caller was that a space heater was on fire, but the fire was out. The fire restarted shortly after with police first arriving reporting a working structure fire with heavy fire in the front of the home. The crew from R-112 stretched a hand line to the D side stairwell and into the fire after forcing the door. Half the crew handled the hose line while the remaining members did a primary search for victims. Later in the fire, 3 members from the R-112 crew assisted with overhaul.

Units were on scene nearly 2 1/2 hours. Our thoughts are with the family who lost much of their possessions in this morning's fire, including several pets.

Response into Taylor

November 12, 2016

The Engine & Rescue responded to Loomis Ave, Taylor for a working residential fire in a two and half story home. First due compannies arrived to find fire showing from the 2nd floor C/D corner. Units from Taylor, Old Forge, Greenwood and Avoca responded. 112 units returned to service after 45 minutes.

Working Fire in the City

October 15, 2016

Just after 5:30am, the Rescue & Chief responded with Pittston City & Jenkins Twp FDs to Panama St in the city for a working residential fire. Upon arrival, crews encountered heavy fire conditions throughout, with the Bravo exposure starting to burn. Crews also encountered live wires down.

The Rescue crew assisted with controlling utilities, before manning handlines on both the exposure building, as well as the original fire building. Crews operated for close to six hours before returning to service.

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