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New Engine in Service

We started this project more than 2 years ago. Its been 269 days since we signed a contract to have her built. Members have put hundreds of man hours in attending meetings, making phone calls and emails, completing tons of paperwork, but today, it all came together. Last night, members took delivery of the new 2018 E-One Typhoon engine. Today, members completed the task of getting her ready for service. She is now all ready to protect & serve the community. We need to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. Your continued support makes project likes this possible, and allows us to provide the highest level of service possible. Thanks to the Dupont Volunteer Fire Department for loaning us an engine for the past few weeks, while we began to transition from the old engine and prepare for the arrival of the new engine. Special thanks to Wes Saltz and First Choice Fire Apparatus for sharing this journey with us.

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