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  Register for Smar911

If you haven't signed up already, the department in cooperation with the Luzerne County 911 Center, encourages you to create a Smart911 safety profile. These profiles store vital information about you and your family that can immediately be shared with a 911 dispatcher should an emergency arise. The information provided can be useful for EMS, Police and Fire Department responses.

You can learn more about the Smart911 technology here.




  Grateful for Donation

The department would like to send a large "THANK YOU" to the Nativity of Our Lord Women's Society who donated Pet Rescue Kits recently to the Ambulance and Fire Department. The kits allows us to provide oxygen assistance to dogs and cats who might be rescued from a fire and need immediate care.

While we hope to never utilize the kits, its comforting to know that we can treat the furry family members should the need arise.



  Members Complete Respitory II Class

Members from Avoca, Pittston Twp and Old Forge completed their 16hr Respitory Protection II class Saturday at the former St Mary's Convent. The class focused on the proper use of SCBA, universal RIT connections, buddy breathing, advanced search techniques and the use of air lines.

We'd like to thank all who gave up their time to attend the class and sharpen their skills. We also would like to thank the Germanai, West Pittston and Pittston FDs for the use of their cascade units. A special thanks to the St Mary's community for allowing us to use their property.



  Training Never Stops

October 2012 Its been a busy few days for many of the 112 members. This past weekend, eight members completed a 16hr Ropes and Rigging class in Pittston Twp. Tuesday evening, eleven members traveled to the LCCC training facility to work with area companies on several training scenarios. The training included live vehicle and vessel fires.

Thanks to the Pittston Twp and Greenwood fire depts for the invitation to train. A special thanks goes out to all the members who freely gave up their weekend and evening to sharpen their skills.


  Members Complete Structure Burn Session

July 2012 Good Job to the eight members who gave up their weekend to complete a sixteen hour structure burn session. We also need to offer our congrats to FF Kaspriski who completed his Essentials training and his FireFigther I testing.


  Members Attend ARFF Training

July 2012 Braving hot weather, a contingent of 112 members headed to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport Thurdsay to participate in annual training. Each year, the airport makes this training available to local responders, allowing rescue personnel to familiarize themselves with airport procedures and participate in simulated drills and fire evolutions.


  Jimmy Butler Receives Award

We would like to take this time to send a special congratulations to Jim Butler Jr. for being named this year's Member of the Year at the annual Hyattsville Fire Dept. Public Safety Banquet. Jimmy started his firefighting career as a junior firefighter in the Avoca Fire Dept before going to Hyattsville Fire Dept (Maryland). Jimmy graduated college and eventually became employed by the Washington D.C. Fire Dept. Jimmy spends his time at all 3 departments still helping out his fellow brothers learning new ideas of firefighting.

Congrats Jim, you deserve it. You continue to make us proud.

Hyattsville Public Safety Banquet


  Members Complete Training

Twenty three members recently completed their American Red Cross Emergency Response training. This training included CPR certification, use of AEDs, vital signs, assessment, splinting and immobilization.

During the course of this training, other members attended an Emergency Vehicle Operator Class (EVOC) at Luzerne County Community College. We also have one member getting ready to take an Essentials of Firefighting class at the Hughestown FD next week.

All in all, looks like 2012 is off to a great start training wise. Congrats to all who successfully completed their respective training.

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