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  2nd Alarm in Ransom

(Sunday - 12/19/2010)
Chief & Engine 112 responded on a 2nd alarm to the Cascade Tissue facility in Ransom Sunday morning. First due companies found fire in the rafters and roof area of the large paper facility.

Engine 112 would relieve interior crews and operate for 45 minutes before being released by Command.

Later in the day, Rescue 112 would respond to assist West Pittston FD with a working fire in a construction trailer.
Photo courtesy WNEP.com

House Fire in Wyoming County

(Saturday - 11/27/2010)
Chief & Rescue 112 responded into Wyoming County Saturday night to assist Northmoreland FD (Station 140) with a working house fire on Graveyard Hill Rd, near the Vernon section of the township. Crews arrived to find fire conditions throughout the two story home.

112 crews arrived to setup the RIT operations, with firefighting operations already being defensive in nature. R112 would verify that the gas utilities were controlled and ladder the front of the building.

112 would remain on the scene for close to 40 minutes before being released by 140 Command.

Photo courtesy R-112

Depts Make Quick Work of Duryea Fire

(Wednesday - 11/18/2010)
Station 112 sent the Rescue, Engine, Chief and Fire Police into Duryea Wednesday night for the reportedly fully involved house fire. Early reports provided confusing locations, with calls being received for both ends of Duryea's community. Chief Hughes arrived at the original address provided, confirming a working fire along the outside wall of the C/D corner.

Duryea's Engine and Ladder would be first arriving and went to work controlling the blaze. Rescue 112 was next due and assigned interior operations, checking for extension. The 112 Engine along w the balance of first alarm companies would be held in staging.

The 112 crews operated for approximately 20 minutes before taking up and being released by Duryea Command.
Photo courtesy WNEP.com

Rescue Handles Rope Rescue in Dupont

(Monday - 10/18/2010)
Rescue 112, along with Dupont Engine, Duryea EMS & Medic 303, responded to the Petro Truck Stop in Dupont for a male who jumped down a steep, rocky embankment. PD on scene reported the male unresponsive and in need of rescue service.

R-112 would be positioned for lights and as an anchor, so members could setup the rope operation. Capt Mullen & Sgt Leffler both rappelled down to the victim to begin immobilization and secure into the stokes basket. The rest of the 112 gang setup additional lighting as well as the haul system.

The patient would be brought top side in a little more than 45 minutes. Care would be then transferred to the awaiting EMS units.

Photo courtesy R-112

Heavy Rains collapse basement wall

(Thursday - 9/30/2010)
Heavy rains that saturated the area this week caused a basement wall to collapse at a Plane St home. A twelve foot section of the home's exterior wall collapsed into the basement. Water supply lines were ruptured during the collapse and the home's electrical panel also suffered damage.

R-112 would shut off the water service and ask PPL to respond to shut power down to the building. Modern Gas was also brought into the scene to remove the home's propane cylinder, which was near the collapse. Crews feared that any additional collapse could cause the cylinder to be damaged.

As rain continued to fall, R-112 returned to service.
Photo courtesy R-112

Vehicle Rollover Causes 2nd Crash on the "I"

(Sunday - 9/19/2010)
Station 112 along w Dupont Fire and Duryea EMS were sent to the area of mile marker 176 southbound of Interstate 81 for a vehicle roll over. Crews arrived to find a jeep that crossed over the guide rail, rolled numerous times and struck a large directions sign before coming to rest. The single occupant of the vehicle would be ejected onto the roadway surface.

Before crews could arrive on scene, a second vehicle swerved to avoid the injured male, causing the second vehicle to also roll over. Pittston Twp. Fire & EMS would be dispatched to handle the second incident.

Due to a delayed response by PSP, 112 Fire Police would be dispatched to assist with scene safety.

Photo courtesy D. Hudzinski, Sr.

Fireworks Mishap Ends a Busy Day

(Friday - 8/27/2010)
The department would log seven inicdents on Friday, responding to the Airport for an aricraft incident, Rickets Glen w the county's Technical Rescue Team and finish the day with the most serious incident, a fireworks mishap at PNC Field in Moosic.

As part of a routine rotation, Engine 112 was assigned Friday night's after game fireworks show. With the show underway, one mortar fired off diagonally into a wooded area. As the 112 crew gathered PWs to go check the area, a more significant explosion occurred.

The explosion would critically injure two workers. The engine crew initiated patient care while Sgt. Collins notified Lackawanna 911, requesting two ALS and BLS units. Stadium EMS personnel would assist Engine 112 with patient care until the ambulances arrived.

Chief 98 arrived and assumed command. The engine crew would assist with securing the remaining motars before investigating a smoking vehicle in the parking lot. Both victims would later be life flighted to a burn facility. A PSP Fire Marshal was called in to investigate the incident.
Pictured is FF Trebunak and his twin

Attic Fire in Laflin Boro

(Sunday - 8/8/2010)
The Rescue & Chief responded to assist Laflin and Jenkins Twp FDs with a working attic fire Sunday morning. Dispatch information stated PD on scene with fire showing from the roof area of a residential home.

Laflin and Jenkins crews would make a quick hit on the fire, getting it under control in a short time. Rescue 112 would handle utilities before heading into the attic space to relieve attack crews and begin the necessary overhaul. Chief 112 would assist with command operations.

Crews would remain on the scene for 90 minutes before being released by Laflin Chief.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Fire Consumes West Pittston Building

(Wednesday - 7/28/2010)
Rescue 112 responded on the first alarm to the 300 block of Exeter Ave early Wednesday morning for a reported structure fire. As the rescue rolled out of the station, on scene reports indicated a working fire in a detached garage with apartment above.

West Pittston Ladder was first due and immediately asked that Exeter and Pittston City FDs be added to the incident. Rescue 112 arrived and went to work setting up the RIT operations.

The rescue crew would cut two openings in the border fence to make access to the rear of the building. With manpower light, the Rescue would assist West Pittston crews with extinguishing a vehicle fire and areas of the first floor before heading to the second floor to do some overhaul. Hughestown Engine would be brought in to cover the RIT assignment.

The building and several vehicles would be destroyed in the fire.
Photo Courtey Rescue 112

Packer St. Garage Fire

(Thursday - 7/22/2010)
Shortly before 11am, the first alarm companies were sent to the 200 block of Packer St. for the working garage fire. Engine 112 would arrive first, finding a detached garage in the rear yard well involved. Several exporsures were also showing damage from the intense heat.

The engine crew would deploy a set back line to the rear, then begin attacking the fire. Duryea Ladder would check the exporsure buildings for extension before assisting with overhaul. Duryea Engine established the water supply, hand laying 5" to the hydrant at the corner of Packer & First Sts. The fire would be knocked down quickly, limiting damage to the neighbors property. The fire isn't considered suspicious.

Photo courtesy Leslie Butler

Two Saturday Night Fires

(Saturday - 7/17/2010)
The department would respond into Old Forge and Pittston Twp. Saturday night for two residential fires. The first fire broke out on the 2nd floor of a Milwakee Ave home in Old Forge. Engine 112 would stretch a 1.75" line into service to assist in final extinguishment and mechanical ventilation of the 2nd floor fire. Crews from Old Forge Engine and Ladder controlled the fire prior to the first line being pressed into service.

A short time later, Rescue 112 ran into Pittston Twp. for the working attic fire on Bryden St. Chief 112 would assist w command operations, while the Rescue would handle truck company operations. The rescue crew would tunnel their way into a 2nd attic space in the rear of the building to locate the fire, while the outside crew laddered then vented the rear roof for ventilation and to assist with removing the burning insulation.

Photo Courtey Engine 112

No Escaping the Heat Wave

(Tuesday - 7/6/2010)
Tuesday proved to be a busy day, with the crew getting four runs in as temps rose well into the 90's. The Engine was quickly returned to service from an AFA in Pittston Twp before being sent to PNC Bank on Main St for the mulch fire burning along the building in the Drive Thru area.

After dinner, things picked up again w the Rescue respnoding to an accident in the 1200 block of Main St in the 5th Ward of Duryea with one person confined. Crews arrived to find the driver of a pick up pinned on the floor between the seat and dash. Crews removed the passenger side door and removed the pt within 10 mins of arrival.

Later on in the evening, a 1st alarm assignment was sent to the 1000 block of Plane St for a reported basement fire. Engine 112 along with the Chief arrived to find an oil burner misfired sending smoke throughout the residence. Crews would spend 20 mins ventilating the structure before returning to service.

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Impalement in West Avoca

(Saturday - 7/3/2010)
Avoca EMS & Medic 303 responded to New St in Avoca for a man reportedly trapped in a garage door. EMS arrived to find a male patient at the top of a step ladder, impaled on a tensioning spring. Rescue 112 would then be added to the incident.

Rescue 112 arrived and began building a platform so that the extrication process could begin. Once the platform was in place, crews began using a pneumatic cut off saw, to free the man's arm.

Given the daytime heat and rising temperature in the garage, Rescue 98 and Pittston City Rehab would be added to the incident. Crews continued cutting the spring while EMS continually evaluated the man's medical condition. After cutting numerous outer rings, hydraulc cutters were used to sever the center rod. The man would be freed after about 50 minutes.

Avoca EMS & Medic 303 would transport to an area hospital where the remaining rings would need to be removed.

Duryea Vehicle Fire

(Tuesday - 5/25/2010)
The 112 gang would be kept busy Tuesday, responding to five calls throughout the day, including a working vehicle fire in Duryea and a structure fire in Old Forge. Engine 112 would arrive first at the vehicle fire, finding an S-10 pickup with its engine compartment involved. A 1.75" line would be stretched, and 112 with assistance from 126 Engine would quickly knock the fire down. Ladder 226 handled the overhaul.

Later on in the day, Engine 112 along w the Chief responded to Oak St. in Old Forge for a vacant home on fire. Chief 112 assisted at the command post, while Engine 112 stood by at the Main & Oak hydrant. Crews would wrap that fire up in about 20 mins.

Photo courtesy Germania FD

Fire Levels Pittston Twp. Home

(Thursday - 5/20/2010)
Fire tore through a Pittston Twp. home in the Gable Crest development Thursday afternoon. As crews were responding, smoke was already visible from several miles away. Pittston Twp. Engine was first arriving and reported a fully involved home. Engine 112 was third due engine and asked to establish primary water supply as the development has no hydrants. Engine 112 dropped 1,000 feet of five inch hose, making it to the development's entrance. Duryea Engine would pick up the lay and drop an additional 800 feet. As the hydrant was turned on, a car drove over one length of hose, causing it to burst. This added an additional delay in getting water supply established.

The Engine crew assisted in deploying multiple lines to protect exposures and assist with knocking down the fire. Crews operated for five hours before returning. The home is a complete loss.

Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. FD

Sunday Morning Pin Job

(Sunday - 5/16/2010)
Station 112, along w Dupont Engine, Avoca EMS and Medic 303 responded to the area of 189 Main St. for a two car accident with entrapment. As crews were assembling, additional reports stated one vehicle to be rolled over on its side.

Dupont Engine & Avoca EMS arrived to find a pickup truck on its passenger side with one male occupant still in the vehicle. The second vehicle was a parked car, which rolled over twice upon impact and landed in a neighbor's front yard. Rescue 112 arrived and stabilized the truck using Airshore struts, while Dupont Engine removed the windshield providing for access. Once stabilization was complete, hydraulic cutters were used to cut the roof posts allowing it to be rolled back so the patient could be removed.

Avoca EMS and Medic 303 would transport the pt to an area hospital. Crews remained on scene assisting in clearing up the roadway debris.

Photo courtesy A.J. Mancini

Trench Collapse in Salem Twp.

(Thursday - 4/29/2010)
The week continues to be a busy one, with the Rescue being sent as part of the Technical Rescue Team to Salem Twp., Luzerne County, for a trench collapse with two workers trapped. Responding units were provided updates from the scene, stating one worker was conscious, while the other was unconscious. Both would be trapped up to their waists, in an 8' deep trench.

As Rescue 112 arrived, they were immediately asked to get all trench panels in service and to the hot zone for deployment. The four trench panels were quickly assembled and moved up to the scene. Additional shoring struts were also provided to the operation. The 112 group would then begin moving ground pads from the Rescue to staging, before working with other companies at getting all pads deployed.

In all, one worker was successfully rescued about 30 minutes after the 112 arrival. Sadly, the collapse would claim the life of the second worker.

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Garage Fire Starts the Day

(Wednesday - 4/28/2010)
The Chief & Rescue responded along with first alarm companies for the structure fire on Foote Ave. in Duryea. As crews were assembling, 911 advised it to be a working fire in a detached garage at the rear of the residence. Chief Bender arrived and advised first due engine to establish water supply from the hydrant across from the residence.

Rescue 112 would team up with Duryea Ladder, first entering the interior to determine the location and extent of the fire, before heading up to the roof to assist with the trench cut. The fire would be contained to the rear roof section of the building.

Engines 126 & 143 would handle the attack lines, with the balance of the companies being held in staging. 112 personnel operated for 45 minutes before being returned to service.

Photo courtesy Station 143 website

112 Responds into Taylor on 2nd alarm

(Tuesday - 4/27/2010)
As members gathered for a trip to Montage to tour a new hotel, the first alarm was dispatched for a working fire on W. Taylor St. in Taylor boro. Lackawanna 911 reported multiple calls received. Chief 95 arrived shortly thereafter, reporting aa working fire on division two with probable extension into the attic space. SRN companies would be added to the assignment.

Not too long into the incident, a 2nd alarm was transmitted, sending the Engine & Chief into Taylor. Engine 112 would be 2nd due engine on the incident, with crews being assigned to assist with extinguishment and overhaul of the fire in the attic space.

Chief 112 (VanLuvender) would assume accountability, with Chief 98 (Molinaro) having command. Chief 95 (Jones) would hold the Operations position. 112 crews would work for more than an hour before being released by Command.

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Fire Destroys Duryea Garage & Trailer

(Tuesday - 4/20/2010)
Rescue 112, along with the balance of Duryea's first alarm were sent to Popple Construction, in the Connell's Patch section of the borough for a fully involved trailer fire threatening a garage. Duryea Chief Hughes arrived first, confirming the fully involved trailer with extension into a garage. Chief Hughes also confirmed several vehicles being involved. Due to the location of the incident, Chief Hughes requested the first alarm Tanker box be dispatched.

Duryea Ladder, Engine & Rescue 112 were next arriving. While the engine stretched, the Rescue & Ladder teamed up to force entry and remove an overhead door at the rear of the building. The crews then began removing compressed air cylinders while the engine initiated their attack. Pittston Twp and Hughestown Engines would establish water supply in the rear, while Duryea's engine was supplied by Dupont & Old Forge prior to the arrival of tankers.

Afternoon Job in Pittston City

(Wednesday - 4/14/2010)
Station 112 sent the Rescue & Chief to Tompkins St in Pittston City for a working garage fire Wednesday afternoon. City crews arrived to find a working fire with exposures endangered. City command would quickly strike a 2nd alarm to assist those already on scene.

City crews were able to quickly gain control of the garage fire, as mutual aid companies handled the fire in the exposure buildings. Rescue 112 would handle the RIT duties, with assistance from Kingston Rescue. Chief VanLuvender would assist command at the accountability board. 112 crews would remain on scene for close to two hours.

Responding units included: Pittston City FD & EMS, Avoca Rescue, Jenkins FD, West Pittston FD, Duryea Engine & Ladder, Kingston Rescue and Hughestown FD.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Brush Fire Threatens Rail Cars

(Thursday - 4/8/2010)
Thursday evening, Station 112 was sent to the area of 700 York Ave for a reported brush fire. As crews were assembling, Luzerne County 911 advised that multiple calls were being received and that the fire was now endangering several rail cars. Given the incident location, crews knew these cars to be propane tank cars for the nearby Modern Gas tank farm. Crews didn't know if the cars were full or empty at the time of the incident.

Engine 112 arrived to find fire burning alongside the tracks, involving grass, railroad ties, and tires. The engine crew stretched an 1.75" line and begin darkening down the fire. Rescue 112 then arrived, having its crews deploy PW extinguishers to assist in controlling the fire.

Duryea Engine would be added to the incident for water supply and manpower. Railway police arrived and confirmed that the nine tank cars were fully loaded with 30,000 gallons of liquid propane. Crews would mop up the fire and return to service in about an hour.

Rescue Runs Duryea MVA

(Wednesday - 3/31/2010)
Chief & Rescue ran into Duryea Wednesday night for the car into utility pole with early reports of entrapment. Duryea Chief Hughes was first arriving, reporting no entrapment, but a utility pole severed with high tension wires involved. Requesting PPL to the scene.

Duryea Engine would place a handline into service to protect Ladder 226 and Rescue 112 who were handling patient packaging and removal from the vehicle. Once the patient was safely removed out of the danger zone, patient care would be transferred to awaiting EMS crews.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Fire Damages West Pittston Home

(Sunday - 3/7/2010)
Before the gang could get to the Dupont FD Annual Breakfast, the Rescue & Chief would be sent to Clyde St in West Pittston for the working residential fire. Pd was first arriving and confirmed the heavy smoke condition from the exterior of the single family home.

West Pittston Ladder would take the address with the engine co laying the supply line. An aggressive attack would quickly get control of the visible fire. Rescue 112 would handle RIT duties, laddering the structure, controlling the utilites and forcibly opening the exterior basement door. With the fire knocked down within 15 minutes, 112 would give up a crew to assist with overhauling the first floor of the building.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

112 Assists with Moosic House Fire

(Tuesday - 3/2/2010)
Engine 112 would be special called into Moosic Borough to assist with a residential fire with reported entrapment. Early reports indicated a woman on the roof with possibly more victims inside the building. PD and neighbors assisted the woman to safety.

Fire Dept units arrived to find heavy fire throughout the two story building and electrical lines down in the front yard. Making an aggressive attack, crews quickly gained control of the main body of fire. Engine 112 would be assigned division two along with the Duryea ladder to handle the fire extension.

Crews would operate for more than an hour and a half before returning to service.
Photo courtesy WNEP-16

West Pittston Fire Keeps Crews Busy

(Sunday - 2/21/2010)
For the second time in a few short days, the Rescue & Chief would respond with West Pittston Fire for a reported 2nd floor kitchen fire on Wyoming Avenue. 911 quickly added that several calls had been received reporting the fire.

West Pittston Ladder arrived reporting heavy fire showing from the 2nd floor and requested a 2nd alarm be transmitted. Pittston City and Exeter Fire Depts would be assigned to the incident. Rescue 112 arrived, going to work forcing doors and make entry to both basements to control the electrical utilities. The outside group would throw ladders to the rear of the building and control the gas utilities to all apartments. The fire had a good hold of the 2nd floor rear and attic space, forcing the operation to go defensive for some time.

Duryea Engine & Ladder would respond into the scene as well. Crews would operate for more than three hours before getting the blaze under control.
Photo courtesy T.Angellela III

SUV Crashes into Fireworks Shop

(Saturday - 2/20/2010)
The Rescue along with Dupont Engine Co responded to an early evening crash that sent one person to the hospital and had several area departments scrambling. Originally dispatched for a car into a house with injuries and entrapment, units would soon confirm the location as being a home used to store and sell large quantities of fireworks.

First arriving units would report all occupants out of the vehicle, with significant structural damage to the home. Units also confirmed the incident to be in Pittston Twp coverage, requesting them to respond in as well. The Engine would stretch a hoseline as a precaution before crews forced entry into the building's basement to ensure no problems with the inventory of fireworks.

Rescue 112 would hold in staging before being released by Pittston Twp. command.
Photo courtesy WNEP-TV

Early Morning Fire in West Pittston

(Wednesday - 2/17/2010)
Shortly after 5am, West Pittston Fire along with Avoca Rescue & Chief were sent to Linden St. for a reported bedroom fie with all occupants evacuating. Upon arrival, West Pittston ladder initiated attack, finding heavy fire conditions on both divisions 1 & 2 of a double block building. A second alarm would be transmitted bringing Pittston City and Exeter FDs to the scene.

As crews worked to contain the flames, Duryea Fire would be requested to augment crews. Duryea FD would handle the fire extending into the exposure side of the building as well as venting of the roof. Rescue 112 threw multiple ladders, forced doors and controlled utilities before setting up the RIT staging area.

Crews would operate for more than 3 hours before being released by command. Both sides of the building would suffer extensive fire damage.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Too Busy for the Super Bowl

(Sunday - 2/7/2010)
With several members on hand at the 112 house to enjoy the Super Bowl, Luzerne County 911 would have other plans for the crew. After running back to back calls during the pre-game show, Rescue 112 would be sent to assist EMS on Grove St for a gentleman pinned between his truck and the curb. Rescue 112 would arrive and begin triaging the patient, before assisting EMS with packing and removal. We'd miss the first Colts touchdown.

As "The Who" wrapped up their halftime show, the Rescue would again hit the street for a fire alarm in Jenkins Twp. The gang would miss the onside kick and subsequent Saints touchdown to open the second half.

Once the Colts regained the lead, the Rescue would be sent into Dupont for the mva with reported entrapment. Rescue 112 arrived and began stabilizing both vehicles, while Engine 125 would deploy a 1.75" handline due to the large amount of fluids down on the roadway. The rescue would then be instructed by EMS to remove the driver's door of the SUV involved to create a pathway for patient removal. Crews would have the door removed in a few short moments before lending Engine 125 some help with the downed fluids. The gang would not see any more of this year's Super Bowl.
Photo courtesy B. Evans

McAlpine St. Pin Job

(Thursday - 1/28/2010)
Units were sent to the area of 620 McAlpine St for an accident with reported confinement. Initial information indicated a car into a telephone pole with injuries. A Duryea EMS portable arrived quickly, updating all units that the vehicle had extensive driver's side damage and would require rescue services.

Rescue 112 arrived to find an SUV into the pole with extensive intrusion of the driver's door into the passenger compartment. EMS already established patient access. Rescue crews worked on stabilizing the vehicle and initiated patient protection via a short board and blanket before beginning the extrication process. Using hydraulic rescue tools and reciprocating saws, rear door and seats were removed. Crews would operate for 20 minutes to create an extrication pathway and remove the patient from the vehicle and transfer care to Avoca EMS and Medic 303.

Duryea Engine 126 assisted 112 units on the scene.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Jenkins Twp. Commercial Structure Fire

(Friday - 1/8/2010)
With light snow falling, the Rescue & Chief were sent to assist Jenkins Twp. FD with a working fire at the 84 Lumber complex on Highway 315. Dispatched as a confirmed fire, Pittston City Tower and Engine would be added to the box. Laflin Engine was also dispatched on the inital assignment.

Crews arrived to find fire burning in the C/D corner of the building. Jenkins Engine & Ladder would take the rear of the structure, with Laflin engine laying the supply line. Rescue 112 initiated RIT operations, forcing doors on the A and D side of the building while controlling both electric and gas utilities. Pittston Tower would setup on the front side of the structure.

Utilizing 2.5" and 1.75" handlines, crews would make quick work knocking the main fire down and beginning overhaul. Crews would operate for more than an hour before being released by command.
Photo courtesy B. Evans

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