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Car Accident or Structure Fire?
How about both? This residential fire began when a car drove into the utility pole located in front of the residence.
The accident triggered a power surge that started a fire near the building's connection to the incoming electrical service. The surge also caused arcing/smoldering in various locations throughout the building, causing extensive overhaul to be compelted by FD personnel.


Accident with Entrapment
The accident below occurred in Dupont Boro. The passenger car tangled with a truck delivering cinder blocks to a local construction site. The driver of the car would be heavily trapped in the vehicle. Avoca and Pittston Twp rescues would complete the extrication within 15 minutes of their arrival.


Fire on the Mountain
This fire on Montage Mountain would completely destroy the luxurious home. Initially dispatched for a fire in the garage area, crews arrived to find heavy fire conditions throughout the building.


Not Your Typical Flooding
When you think about flooding, you typically think of rivers, creeks and poor drainage areas. Here in Avoca, we also encounter old mines that suddenly release their water. When the area receives heavy rains, this backyard explodes into a geyser of rushing water. While officials work to determine where the water originates, the homeowners and FD work together to protect the home's foundation from the rushing water. This scenario typically plays itself out several timess a year.


Good Times Interupted by Fire
What should have been a day spent putting our new engine in service, got interupted by an Old Forge structure fire. The gang arrived at the station on this very hot, humid afternoon to begin racking all the hose onto the new 112 Engine. Crews were jovial and joking around while working to get the engine in service.
Then the pagers went off.
Crews would respond to the working fire, handling roof ventilation along with interior overhaul ops.


Vehicle Fire on the Interstate
Crews quickly extinguished this vehicle fire on I-81. While a typical response, crews found out during the clean up effort that this could have been anything but typical. Due to the heat of the fire, the absorbers for the front bumper heated enough to over pressurize themselves and blow off the vehicle. Crews found one of the absorbers more than 500 feet from the font of the vehicle.
This just proves there is nothing routine about our job.


McAlpine St. Entrapment
Crews responded to this McAlpine St accident, reported to be a car into a utility pole. EMS Captain 512 arrived shortly after dispatch and advised of heavy entrapment, asking Rescue to expedite their response. The rescue would work for twenty minutes to remove the vehicle's roof and extricate the patient's arm from between the door and passenger seat. The operation was complicated by the amount of intrusion into the passenger compartment.
Dupont engine would assist in controlling the leaking gasoline while the rescue worked the extrication. Duryea Engine would handle the landing zone for the Life Flight helicopter.


Gedding Street Structure Fire
A Gedding St home would be heavily damaged by flames during an early morning blaze. Crews would arrive to fire showing from the rear second floor bedroom. The fire would be quickly extinguished, and the cause would be blamed on a faulty wood burning stove. No injuries were reported.


Extrication in Moosic Borough
With Rescue 98 out of service, Rescue 112 would be called upon to extricate the passengers of this van. The van was struck on its driver's side, rolling it over. One of the occupants was confined to a wheelchair in the rear portion of the van. Rescue 112 along with members of the 98 Engine would complete stabilization and then provide an extrication pathway by opening the van's roof.


The First Hillshade Fire
Rescue 112 would assist Old Forge FD on all three fires at this vacant facility. The first fire was discovered mid morning and quickly doused by responding units.

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