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Highway 315 Entrapment - Jan. 2011


Around 1:30am, the first alarm assignment was sent to the 1000 block of Plane St. for a working residential fire. While en route, Chief 112 would receive updates from PD and EMS of a working fire, with heavy smoke showing in the rear of the building. Engine 112 with a crew of eight, would establish water supply from the corner of Main and Plane Sts. The engine crew would stretch attack one to the rear of the building and begin the initial hit. Attack team one would extinguish most of the first floor fire before locating the stairs and heading up into division two. Meanwhile, Germania Engine would be next arriving and stretch attack two to the rear as well.

Attack two would hit some drop down fire in the basement as well as the side porch fire before heading inside to backup attack one. With Duryea Ladder and the Avoca Rescue handling initial search ops, crews found high heat levels on division two but no fire. Crews did locate several holes in the floors that were then protected by covering them with bedroom doors.

As additional companies arrived, Old Forge ladder would assist with outside ventilation and begin the task of opening the roof in hopes of lessening the heat crews on division two were encountering. Meanwhile, crews on division two were finding heavy fire running most walls of the balloon frame house. Engine 112 members would make access to the attic space, finding heavy fire conditions in the rear portion there as well. Crews did attempt to extinguish that fire, but too many items in storage in that area made the attack ineffective.

After having crews try and contain the fire running in the walls for sometime, command level officers decided to pull all companies out of the structure and begin a defensive operation.

Crews would setup several 2.5" lines as well as the engine's blitz fire monitor to contain the fire and help protect the neighboring exposure building. The defensive operation would continue for some time as the fire consumed most of the home's roof and attic space. The home's location back from the roadway as well as the number of large trees on the property prevented the use of aerial master streams.


Crews would later on make entry into division two to complete extinguishment of the final hot spots. Command brought extra companies in to handle these final tasks, as initial teams needed some relief.

112 crews returned to the scene later in the day to assist the PSP Fire Marshal in searching for the cause of the blaze. At this time, the investigation is continuing.

Units on the First Alarm Assignment:

  • Avoca - Chief 112, Engine 112, Rescue 112, EMS 512 and Fire Police 112
  • Duryea - Engine 126, Squad 126, Ladder 226, EMS 526
  • Pittston Twp - Engine 166
  • Old Forge - Ladder 93, Chief 93
  • West Pittston - Ladder 184 (RIT)
Special Called Units:
  • Old Forge - Engine 93-3
  • Pittston City EMS - Rehab 565
  • Jenkins Twp - Ladder 148
  • Kingston - Rescue 3 (RIT)
  • Moosic - Rescue 98, Chief 98
  • Dupont - Engine 125
  • Northmoreland Twp - Engine 140 (station 112 for coverage)
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