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Smoke Detector Give a Way


Courtesy of WNEP's Operation Save A Live, we have a limited number of smoke detectors to give away.

If you or a loved one need a smoke detector, please call the station at (570) 457-2894.

We have a very limited number of detectors, and they will be distributed on a first come basis.


Annual Fund Drive Underway

By now, everyone in the community should have received our Annual Fund Drive letter in the mail. This fund drive represents our largest fundraising activity of the year. Your donations are used to pay for building expenses and maintenance, insurance coverage, loan payments and utilities. As we indicated in our previous letters, without your financial support we cannot keep the department operating.

We humbly ask that you take a moment and read through the packet you received and consider supporting this important fund raiser. We cannot do it alone and ask for your help.

As an added convenience, you can donate online by clicking the button located to the left.


AFD Awarded Federal Grant

7.10.15 We have received notification that our 2014 AFG Grant application has been awarded.
This award allows the department to purchase a gear cleaning system and a drying closet.
Currently, when members need to have their gear cleaned, we would need to coordinate with outside agencies to have it done. This project will allow members to wash their gear frequently and at their convenience.
The federal share of the project comes in at just under $22,000 with the department's cost share being $1,100.


Annual Softball Tournament

Mark your calendars, the department's 3rd Annual Softball Tournament is scheduled to be held at the Avoca Little Leage complex on August 7th, 8th and 9th.
Sixteen teams will square off in battle starting on 6pm Friday and continue through the weekend until a champion is crowned. This weekend is an important fund raiser for the department and an enjoyable time to all who attend. Besides raising funds for the Fire Department, the Avoca Lions will be selling some good food while the Little Leage will have the concession stand open. This is your chance to enjoy some softball, an adult beverage or two and support three great organizations.


Trench Rescue Demonstration

5.5.15 Members of Rescue Co 112 were in attendance today at the Mohegan Sun Arena along with Plains Twp Rescue, Kingston Rescue, Nanticoke Rescue, and Medic 25 to perform a trench rescue simulation for UGI, Linde, and many other local companies who perform operations inside trenches during their work day.

Rescue company officials showed the dangers of trench work and the prolonged time it takes to rescue someone from a collapsed trench. Employees were taught different objectives about working around a trench and what to do in case of emergency.


Members Complete Specialized Training

2.28.15 It took a few months to put it all together, but members finally got to complete the Man vs Machine class. The class, taught by instructors from PL Vulcan Fire Training Concepts, LLC taught members how to manage incidents relating to impalement, hands/arms in meat grinders and ring removal techniques.

Station 112 had 18 members complete the training, along with firefighters from Luzerne, Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties. In all, 51 students participated in the class.

Besides teaching us the techniques and skills needed, the class left us with re-usable scenarios for ongoing training. Now that the class has been completed, the department will begin work on developing a Man vs Machine response kit. We'd like to thank everyone who assisted in making this class a success as well as the great guys from PL Vulcan for sharing their expertise with us.


2014 Report Finalized

The end of year report has been completed. Your volunteers logged 504 emergency responses in 2014. That represents an increase of 114 more calls than in 2013.

In addition to the emergency responses, members completed countless hours of training and obtaining certifications. In 2014, we averaged 7 members per call. That's up one from the previous year.

Thank you to all of our members for everything you do. Our success is driven by your passion and dedication.


AFD Puts Technology to Use

Recently, the department has taken to adding Samsung tablets to each of the apparatus. The tablets host a variety of apps that can be useful to emergency responders. For example, we might use the weather app to track wind and radar during a hazardous materials incident. We might also need to access the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) app during a Hazardous Materials incident to learn more about the chemicals involved. The tablets can also store the department's pre plans for targeted hazarous buildings in the community.

In addition to those and others, the department has been using the Active 911 app among its members for several months. This app alerts members to incidents, shows which members are responding or unavailable and shows the location of the incident. We have also added this app to the tablets in our apparatus. Most recently, members have taken the time to GPS mark each fire hydrant in Avoca, Dupont and sections of Pittston Twp and Duryea. We are in the process of adding hydrant locations for Moosic & Old Forge. These locations are all areas where Engine 112 responds regularly on structure fire related responses. By marking the hydrant locations, the Engine officer can not only see the directions from the station to the incident location, but note the location of primary and secondary hydrant locations based on the route of travel. In the picture above, you can see how the hydrants display in red, while showing a gas station icon for Mike's Service station and a hazard marking for Auto Paint World.

We're proud of our members for taking the time to GPS mark each hydrant across the communities. Its a project that can make the difference in success and failure on the firegound.


FP-112 Ready for Service

The lettering and light package have been completed and Fire Police 112 is now in service.


Volunteers Needed

An all volunteer department can only exist if it has volunteer members. Over the past year, we’ve lost several active members due to new employment or relocation from the area. This has had a drastic impact on the services we provide. The only way for us to be sure to meet every emergency response is to increase our membership. We currently have less than 15 active members, which is not sufficient when it comes to all the work involved in running our fire department.

According to nationally recognized studies, there are only four options for communities to maintain viable emergency services:

  • Recruit and retain volunteer firefighters;
  • Create and maintain a combination volunteer and career fire department;
  • Create an entirely career fire department;
  • Contract services with an outside agency

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer by visiting our Join Us page.

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