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  Last Call:  July 26 -  Wires Down - Gedding St. - Avoca  
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Let's Play Ball...

6.23.16 The annual Avoca Fire Dept Little League Softball Tournament will be continuing again this year on August 12-14. We still have room for a few more teams. If interested, please send us a message through our Facebook page.


Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

2.12.16 Last night, Borough Council passed a resolution allowing the community to participate in an emergency notification system that is being sponsored by Luzerne County.
The system allows Luzerne County, Avoca Borough and the AFD to push out instant notifications to residents to apprise them of an ongoing incident or threat. The system might be used in cases of flooding, natural disasters, large scale incidents or simply a road closure due to construction or emergency services activities. EMA Coordinator and AFD President Jim McMahon is an administrator of the system and recently attending a training session on its use.
Any resident who currently utilizes a landline phone service is already subscribed to the system. Anyone else can download the Swift911 app from the iphone/google stores. (blue icon, not red)
Once the app is downloaded, you simply register and then choose your subscriptions. Some local subscriptions that may interest you are Avoca Borough, Dupont Borough, Luzerne county Nuclear plant and other area notification plans.
There is no cost to you and you can determine within the app how you would like to receive the notification, whether it be a call, email or text.


New Members always Welcome

1.2.16 Are you looking for a way to make your community better? Maybe you want to do something challenging? Or if you are looking for someplace for your teenager to learn about community service while learning new skills, then we think you should check out our department.

Our volunteers (beginning at age 14) do a variety of functions that keep our department functioning and our community safe. You can join our family and learn new skills. Whether its assisting with billing, fund raising, grant writing or completing firefighting training, operate the apparatus or just provide general support, we'd welcome the opportunity to have you visit us and learn more.

If interested in learning more, stop by the station or contact us via our facebook page. We cannot have a volunteer department without volunteers!


2016 Officers

Administrative Officers:
President - Jimbo McMahon
Vice President - Tom Matthews, Jr
Secretary - Josh Taylor
Treasurer: Sandy VanLuvender
Trustees: Mark Mullen, Kevin O'brien Jr, Rich Ostrander

Line Officers:
Chief - Chris VanLuvender
Deputy Chief - Tom Matthews
Assistant Chief - Jim Butler
Engine Captain - Mark Mullen
Engine Lieutenant - Chris Collins
Rescue Captain - Mike Lampman
Fire Police Captain - Gary Halagarda
Fire Police Lieutenant - Marty Mackin
Seargeant - Jason Bartoli


Frank Wozniak

RIP - December 9, 2015



Its said that it 'takes a village to raise a child'. It also takes a community to operate a volunteer fire department. Today, we need your help. We need you to get involved. We need you to show your support. We need you to join us today so that we can continue to provide essential services throughout our area.

The AFD is an ALL VOLUNTTER department.

If you are interested in learning more, please stop by the station or contact us through our Facebook page.


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