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  Last Call:  December 20  -  Structure Box - Maple St. - West Pittston  
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Santa is Coming to Town...

12.13.14 Oh goodness! We just call a call from the North Pole. They said Santa wants to come and see all the boys n girls in town and asked if we could help give him a ride! We're very excited to see Santa and help him tour Avoca.
We expect to see him next Saturday (Dec 20) around 5pm. We will promptly get him on the fire truck and starting hitting every street in town!


New Hose In Service

12.11.14 Earlier this year, the department received a grant award through the Assistance to FireFighters Grant (AFG) program to replace our supply hose. Last night, members gathered at the station to remove all the old supply hose and begin loading 1200' of the new 5" hose.

The new hose replaces our previous hose which was close to 20 years old. In purchasing the new hose, the department opted to select two different colors: tan and red. While the majority of the hose is tan, the red provides a visual indication to the operator that less than 200' of hose remains in the bed.

To assist the department in paying our cost share of the grant project, the old hose has been purchased by Pa American Water Company.


Man vs Machine Training


The AFD will be hosting a Man vs Machine class on February 27/28, 2015. This is a class that isn't offered locally or by the Pa State Fire Academy. However, its a type of incident that can occur in every single community. The class is being taught be PL Vulcan Rescue Concepts. The class consists of a lecture on Friday evening and hands on excercises all day Saturday. Cost is $125 per person.

You can contact Capt. Lampman at 570.237.0290 for additional details or to reserve a spot in the class.


Cub Scouts 316 Visits the 112 House

10.2.14 - We were proud to have Cub Scout pack 316 visit the station Thursday night. Members were on hand, providing a tour of the apparatus and review of the equipment. Members also provided several demonstrations of equipment, including SCBA, Hurst Jaws of Life, PAK Tracker, Thermal Imaging Camera before allowing the scouts some "hands on" with pressurized water extinguishers.

We welcome the Scouts to visit us again, as we enjoyed it as much as they did. Lt Collins and Sargeant Bartoli stand with the Scouts in the photo.


2014 Fund Drive Underway

The Annual Fund Drive kicked off and everyone in the community will be receiving their donation packet in the mail. The letter drive is our largest fund drive of the year and its success is critical for us to meet our demanding operating budget.

In addition to submitting your donation via US Mail, you can also donate on line by clicking on the Donate button.

It continues to be our honor to serve the businesses and residents of our town. We ask that you continue to support us as we strive to offer the best protection that we know each of you deserve.


Members take in some Training

9.25.14 - Thursday night, several members traveled to the LCCC Public Safety Training Institute to take in several structure burn evolutions. The evening was sponsored by the Greenwood FD. Those in attendence all got opportunity to stretch lines, do some truck work and standby as the RIT team.

112 members attending were Captain Mike Lampman, FF Josh Taylor, FF Rich Ostrander and Sargeant Jason Bartoli.

We'd like to thank the Greenwood FD for inviting us so we could keep our skills sharp.


AFD Puts Technology to Use

Recently, the department has taken to adding Samsung tablets to each of the apparatus. The tablets host a variety of apps that can be useful to emergency responders. For example, we might use the weather app to track wind and radar during a hazardous materials incident. We might also need to access the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) app during a Hazardous Materials incident to learn more about the chemicals involved. The tablets can also store the department's pre plans for targeted hazarous buildings in the community.

In addition to those and others, the department has been using the Active 911 app among its members for several months. This app alerts members to incidents, shows which members are responding or unavailable and shows the location of the incident. We have also added this app to the tablets in our apparatus. Most recently, members have taken the time to GPS mark each fire hydrant in Avoca, Dupont and sections of Pittston Twp and Duryea. We are in the process of adding hydrant locations for Moosic & Old Forge. These locations are all areas where Engine 112 responds regularly on structure fire related responses. By marking the hydrant locations, the Engine officer can not only see the directions from the station to the incident location, but note the location of primary and secondary hydrant locations based on the route of travel. In the picture above, you can see how the hydrants display in red, while showing a gas station icon for Mike's Service station and a hazard marking for Auto Paint World.

We're proud of our members for taking the time to GPS mark each hydrant across the communities. Its a project that can make the difference in success and failure on the firegound.


Doc's Wins Softball Tourney

It was a great weekend and we want to say THANK YOU!

The 3rd Annual Softball tournament is in the books. Doc's won the overall tournament while the Pittston Twp FD won the Fire Department bracket Saturday night. We'd like to offer our sincerest thanks to all the teams and their fans, the Avoca Lions Club and the Avoca Little League. Your support was amazing and the reason the tournament continues to be a success.

Lastly, a heartfelt thanks to all our members. You continue to make us proud.


AFD Receives Grant

8/1/2014 - The AFD is pleased to announce that our 2013 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) application has been approved for funding.

The primary goal of AFG grants is to assist departments in meeting their firefighting and emergency response needs. The program is extremely competitive, receiving more than 20,000 applications annually, with less than 3,000 applications receiving an award.

Our approved project focused on replacing our current inventory of large diameter supply (LDH) hose. The foundation of any fireground operation requires a sustained, reliable water supply. LDH is used to deliver water from a hydrant to the engine to supply firefighting operations. Our current hose is more than 20 years old. Over time, several sections have been shortened or retired from service due to wear or damage.

This year's award marks the seventh time the AFD has been successful in receiving an award through the AFG program. Previous awards including two regional projects as well as awards that upgraded the department's SCBA, jaws of life tools, thermal imaging camera and personal protective equipment.


FP-112 Ready for Service

The lettering and light package have been completed and Fire Police 112 is now in service.


Station 112 looking good during the Dupont Memorial Day parade.


Aircraft Crash/Rescue Training

Thursday afternoon, Engine 112 staffed with Lt Collins, Sgt Bartoli and FFs O'Brien & Chiumento assisted crews at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int'l Airport with their annual aircraft crash/rescue training. Along with Thursday's training session, AFD crews will be participating in this weekend's mock disaster at the airport, which is required by FAA regulations.


Building Improvements

The FD and Ambulance Association teamed up to get a grant project completed with PPL to install new exterior, energy efficient lighting all around the building. The new lights were needed to improve security and safety and deemed essential as the ambulance now has employees leaving and entering for the midnight shift. Both organizations split the cost share to complete the installation.

This is the second round of lighting improvements completed. Previously, all the interior lights were replaced to use more energy efficient lighting. That project was also completed as part of a grant project. In all, the organizations have seen more than 25% reduction in monthly energy bills.


Many, Many Thanks!

The benefit for Frank Wozniak turned out to be a huge success. It was even better than ever imagined. We would like to take this time to thank all those who came out tonight for a great evening. We would also like to thank everyone who donated anything to the event. It's an amazing feeling to see the community and friends give back in such a big way. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this night a huge success. Keep on fighting Woz.

Don't forget, keep visiting our Facebook page at: Woz's Warriors to stay updated and learn of future activities.


Members Complete CSR Training

On Saturday, many members completed 16 hours of Confined Space Rescue training. This training is a continuation of their dedication to becoming proficient in the specialty rescue disciplines.

During the course of the class, members learned about the many dangers facing confined space entrants, atmospheric monitoring and ventilation techniques, familiarized themselves with the many different specialized tools used in confined space rescue. Those tools include air supply systems, escape paks, hard line communciation devices, tripods, rigging, patient packaging devices as well as raising and lowering systems.

Members from Avoca, Duryea, Pittston Twp and Clifford FDs all participated in the training class. Special thanks to our dedicated instructors, Paul Klecha and Alan Zekoski. You both made this class a great experience.


Members Complete CPR/First Aid Training

Members came together Thursday night to complete the annual CPR/First Aid refresher class. Besides recertifying members in CPR, members also reviewed basic first aid procedures, automatic external defibrulator training and saw a demo from Geisinger Medic 303's automatic compression device that is used to provide chest compressions in place of manual CPR.

Thanks to Medic 303 and Avoca EMS for sharing their equipment and expertise with us.


Volunteers Needed

An all volunteer department can only exist if it has volunteer members. Over the past year, we’ve lost several active members due to new employment or relocation from the area. This has had a drastic impact on the services we provide. The only way for us to be sure to meet every emergency response is to increase our membership. We currently have less than 15 active members, which is not sufficient when it comes to all the work involved in running our fire department.

According to nationally recognized studies, there are only four options for communities to maintain viable emergency services:

  • Recruit and retain volunteer firefighters;
  • Create and maintain a combination volunteer and career fire department;
  • Create an entirely career fire department;
  • Contract services with an outside agency

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer by visiting our Join Us page.

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